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Just a reminder our rules
Say Thank You, if it is expired or something else goes wrong, explain that in comments. Exception: If you click on multiple posts of the same thing, or similar items such as foals, you can just say, ty for all the "whatever".
If you have any questions please feel free to ask for help
You are not required to be friends with everyone but you are required to know if they are your friend before you say expired. DO NOT mark trees expired if you are not friends with poster at least 24 hours.
Do not post things as something they are not!! If it isn't in the list post it under other or on you wall, if you want me to add something let me know. Do not post "ask for water" as "water" and do not post feed as a baby!! Do not post one tree as another, even if one is giant and the other isn't!
Do NOT add any members to any other group without their permission, if you do you will be banned, no warning.

Happy Farming,

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